2018 Club Rules

Newport Track Cycling Club

2018 Rules

The name of the Club shall be Newport Track Cycling Club.

The objectives of the club are to encourage and promote the sport of cycle speedway in the City of Newport and surrounding areas

A) The organisation of the Club shall be handled by an Executive Committee, which will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting
B) The committee shall consist of the following members:

Lifetime President - Colin Simmons

Chairman - Nick Evans

Secretary - Colin Simmons

Assistant Secretary - Dan Bock

Treasurer - Dale Clark

1st Team Manager - Dan Bock

Club Welfare Officer (CWO) - Dale Clark / Joe Lewis

Recruitment Officer - Joe Lewis

Volunteer Coordinator - Stephen Clark

c) The Treasurer, Secretary and Team Managers WILL be responsible for away travel for team matches. Travel arrangements for individual events will be decided at the Committees discretion, as the Club is not responsible for individual travel.
d) A riders’ representative shall be elected by the riders at the start of each season, and will attend committee meetings on behalf of the riders.

a) Membership is open to any person who agrees to abide by Club rules.
b) A membership fee will be set at the first meeting of the Club Committee following the Club AGM.
c) Re-entry of ex-riders must be voted on and approved by the Committee.
d) Cycle Speedway can be dangerous. Although every effort is made to ensure the safety of riders and spectators, Newport Cycle Speedway Club can take no responsibility for any injuries caused and those who take part do so entirely at their own risk.
e) It is a condition of Club membership that all those taking part in the running of the Club in whatever capacity are absolved from any liability arising from injuries incurred or damage to equipment sustained whilst taking part in any Club Activities
f) Any rider who is registered with British Cycling may apply to join the club as a Training Member, for training purposes only, at an appropriate fee to be set by the committee.
g) All applications for Training Membership shall be approved by the committee.
h) If an application for Training Membership is declined by the committee, the applicant shall be given a clear reason for the decision.

a) All members shall agree to abide by the Code of Conduct published by the Newport Cycle Speedway Club
b) Any member of the club disregarding Club rules or any member bringing the Club into disrepute shall be subject to disciplinary action.
c) Disciplinary action could entail a verbal or written warning, fine, suspension, or even expulsion from the club. Each case however will be dealt with individually.
d) Riders who are unable to attend team matches must notify the Team Manager or Captain on or before the last training session before the day event. Failure to comply will be adjudged to be a breach of discipline, and will be dealt with at the discretion of the Committee.

e) Members will be able to appeal against any disciplinary decision made by the club committee, appeals must be made either in writing or e-mail to the club secretary within 14 days. 

a) Meetings of the Club shall be held every month after the first meeting of the AGM.
b) The AGM of the Club shall be held in good time prior to commencement of the new season. Only Club members may vote at the AGM. Perspective new members can attend the AGM but cannot vote.
c) The quorum required to call an extraordinary general meeting shall be 25% of the membership,

a) The Committee shall maintain funds at a level to enable the Club to promote its activities to a high standard, and shall stage fundraising activities at regular intervals.
b) People who are requested to take their own vehicles to away matches will not be financially disadvantaged and the Club will subsidise costs incurred if necessary.
c) The Club Banker shall be HSBC plc. Two signatures are required as authorisation for cheques. The signatures will comprise any combination of the Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer.
d) Any member successful in getting sponsorship or advertising income for the club must declare it and the money must go through the clubs bank balance.

a) Riders must wear official club kit at all team and individual meetings.
b) Club colours will be determined following agreement between the Club and sponsors.
c) Riders will make every effort to maintain their cycling and Club equipment and personal race clothing to a high level. All Club equipment must be cleaned after any training or match use.
d) All unaccompanied riders under 16 should on match days stay in the vicinity of the track, unless they have express permission from a committee member to do otherwise.
e) All under 16 unaccompanied riders on match days must abide by the Club rules and abide by instructions given by the organisers or committee or team manager.
f) Riders racing in BYJL matches must wear Club colours.

a) The Cycle Speedway facilities shall be used under license to Newport City Council. The facilities may only be used for official training sessions or matches, supervised by appropriately qualified staff.
b) Any exceptions to this rule shall be made in writing to the committee for approval. The result of the committee decision shall be clearly communicated to the applicant.

a) All official matches shall be conducted according to the rules of the Cycle Speedway Commission.
b) All riders must arrive AT LEAST ONE HOUR before the start of the scheduled match and take part in pre and post match duties.
c) All riders are expected to train with the Club with the commencement of pre-season training. The commencement date will be decided by the Manager at the AGM
d) All invitation matches at Newport will be arranged by the club secretary.
e) The committee will select any Newport riders to compete in invitation events organised by the Club
f) The Committee will be responsible for taking the First Aid box and health records to away matches.
g) If, at the request of the club a member is asked to loan his privately owned bike for use in official matches only then will the club be liable for any repairs needed or for replacement of missing parts. Any such claim should be raised at the meeting where the incident took place.

Changes to the Club Rules can only be made at the AGM and shall require a straight majority of the members present. In the event of a tie, the Chairman of the meeting shall have the casting vote.

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