2016 AGM

In the absence  of the chairman, Nick Evans chaired the meeting.

Apologies  received from Paul Dovey, Anthony  Bennett and Dave Rogers.

The 2014 Agm minutes were read out and approved.

Committee members annual reports.

No Chairman's report.

The secretary read out his report,  saying the committee  worked well together on behalf of the club, high points being the successful  staging of the ashes test match which gained rave reviews,  gaining British Cycling's Clubmark accreditation  and winning division 1 for the 3rd consecutive  season.

Colin said the club now need to build up the base with more Tuesday members, Colin will be looking for more assistance  with the clubs day to day organisation  next year.

The treasurer gave a detailed balance and travel sheet.

Concerns were raised from the floor about the high travel costs, elite referees expences and materials used on soil repaires to the centre green.

It was stressed that all of the above shouldnt be a financial problem  in 2016.

The Team manager gave his report saying he thought it was not a successful  year, because the team did not win the British  ko cup, gold cup and didnt enter the open fours. Their was not enough commitment  shown to train, the team could do so much more on the national and international  stage if we showed  more commitment to attend training and more matches.

With the Underwood riders and management  now having joined our club nick is confident  that more potential  first team riders can be found.

The track manager gave his apologises  for the high costs of digging up the centre green.

Stuart said he always asks the visiting team what the track was like after the match, he would like more help with brushing the track back in after a match , and thanked those that gave their help.

The welfare officer said the club had 1 complaint against them, which unfortunately  went straight  to BC, this has now been resolved,  club website  up to date.

Proposed  rule changes. …………

Colin proposed  the following and were all  agreed  on.

2. Objectives,  add (and the surrounding  areas)

3 b. organisation  delete word (child).

3b. Add assistant  secretary and publicity/recruitment officer.

4. Membership.b. delete words ( sufficient  to cover bcf registration ).

5. Discipline a. Delete words (welsh cycle speedway association) add newport cycle speedway club.

The following  were elected onto the 2016 club committee.

Chairman Paul Dovey

Secretary Colin Simmons

Treasurer Michael Watkins

Assitant secretary Chris Wright

Publicity/recruitment officer Rebecca Wright

Welfare officer Chris Davies

Track manager Stuart Raven

Co opted member Matthew Davis.

Regional agm news……….

Division 1 and 2 will revert back to equal home and away 2 team matches in both divisions.

Hellingly and Southampton  may return to league racing.

Our region will stage the British finals weekend with Exeter hosting the finals on the monday.

Ncsc will stage the British  under 19s rc final, and under 13s qualifiers.

We will also be staging the regional junior gp finals day.

The fixtures  and gradings meeting will be in february.

Any other buisness……..

Kevin Greaves was concerned  that in the past we have let riders travel away and only have 1 race, this was questioned by the committee,  but was agreed if this happened  the rider would not be charged for the trip.

Stuart gave details of new BC coaching rules regarding brakes, current coaches have got a years grace to up grade their qualification  to include discipline specific otherwise they will not be insured for 2017. Stuart would like the club to make more use of the mini bus next year this was agreed  at committee  level and Kevin Greaves added his bame to the list of volunteer drivers which is as follows. Stuart, Mike, Paul,Kevin.

Nick will contact 33/18 regarding new racing shirts.

Colin asked the meeting if anyone has a welfare  issue with the club they should report it to Chris Davies who will deal with it asap.

It was stressed that the team captains will be the riders representatives.

Chairman closed the meeting at 16.48.
Newport international sports village

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