Division 1


Newport win 4th consecutive league title

Newport (dig it landscapes) cycle speedway team have made it 4 regional South and South Wales division 1 titles  on the trot after winning the league play off at neutral  track Southampton. 

The top 3 teams that finished in the league were Newport Poole and Swindon and a closely fought encounter  was anticipated. 

Newport started  slowly, suffering  4 last places in their first 4 heats, but gradually  got to grips with the dry powdered surface to start winning races.

Fine maximum  heat advantages  from the Clark/Bock, Jones /Harrold  and Sidwick/Carmichael  gave the 3 times league champions  a lead of 9 points over Poole and 7 over Swindon. 

at the interval.

Newport started the second half as they did the first slowly, suffering falls and bike failures, but they regrouped and fine wins from the Clark/Harrold pair and Davies kept them ahead and the team held their nerve under the watchful  eye of the management  team of Raven, Simmons and Evans to run out winners by 7 points and record an incredible  4 consecutive  league titles


Newport scores .

 Jack Harrold  18 +1, Corey Burnell Jones 11+1, Mark Carmichael 17+3, Dale Clark 11, Chris Davies 12, Callum Goward 5, Dan Bock 12 +3, Oli Sidwick 11.

Newport 97 Swindon  90 Poole 80.

Newport march into Play-off's

Newport (dig it landscapes) cycle speedway team defeated  Southampton  by a massive 109 points to 68,In their final away regional league meeting with all the team recording high scores.

Ryan Lewis made a terrific  team debut top scoring  with a very impressive 19 points.


Newport scores.

Ryan Lewis 19, Oli Sidwick 19, Corey Burnell Jones 16 + 3, Colin Simmons  16 + 1, Sean Bennett 13 + 4, Dan Bock 14 + 1, Kevin Greaves 12 + 2.

Newport win coveted Rosebowl Competition

Newport (dig it landscapes) cycle speedway team  have won the coveted South and South Wales Rosebowl competition  after beating Swindon,Exeter and Hellingly in a well contested  meeting at Marsh Barton Exeter.

Newport suffered a tapes exclusion  in their second race, but this did not effect them too much as wins from Carmichael,Harrold,Davies and Bennett gave them an interval lead.

Team manager  Colin Simmons told the team what was expected for the second half and the team rode well to instructions, but home team Exeter were a threat showing great track knowledge  and the Devon team drew level with Newport with just 2 races remaining, but further wins from Carmichael  and Davies  secured a fine cup win for the Welsh team whose attentions now turn to recording a league and cup double when the go for the regional league title next month.

Newport scores.

J.Harrold 16+3 M.Carmichael 16+1 A.Bennett 12 C.Davies 11+1 D.Clark dnr.

Picture shows Newport cycle speedway  team with their regional rosebowl  trophy.

back row l to r 

Colin Simmons  team manager Jack Harrold ,Mark Carmichael ,Adam Bennett.

Front row l to r.

Chris Davies Kayden Clark (mascot)  Dale Clark ( captain).

Uncompromising Poole defeat champions Newport

Reigning league champions, Newport, dropped points for the first time in 2016 as they found Poole in an uncompromising mood at Harbourside. The home side were solid from 1 to 8 while the visitors sorely missed the services of injured Nicky Evans and Jack Harrold.

With 9 heat wins between them, Greg Gluchowski and Maciej Ganczarek cruised to maximum tallies and Ben Donohue was unbeaten in 4 completed rides while Hayden Chant just dropped a single point. Mark Carmichael and Chris Davies headed the attck for Newport while Adam Bennett kept the home top guns honest.

Poole 98
Greg Gluchowski 20, Maciej Ganczarek 16, Hayden Chant 13, Ben Donohue 13, Dean Hook 13, Wil Bristowe 10, Pete Chant 7, Ben Tinsdale 6

Newport 76
Mark Carmichael 19, Chris Davies 15, Adam Bennett 12, Oli Sidwick 10, Sean Bennett 9  Kevin Greaves 8, Dale Clark 2, Colin Simmons 1

Referee – Mike Legge

Division 2 result

Poole 45
Callum Smith 12  Ben Tinsdale 10  Danny Byrne 9  Fraser Garnett 7  Macie Schmidt 5  Bethany Briggs 2

Newport 35
Colin Simmons 11  John Sidwick 8  Dale Clark 6 Dan Wright 6 Pete Sadler 4


Newport on a winning streak
Sunday 10th May Newport CSC took on Exeter and Poole Comets in their first S&SW home match.
Newport's team was without Nicky Evans who stood down from the match to be team manager giving Sean Bennett a chance to shine. Exeter's team was without key riders such as Will Tidbull and Sam Riddle but Poole had an almost full team only missing Ben Donahue.
The first half was a very close fought match but in the second half Newport and Poole pulled away from Exeter with Newport coming out overall winners.
Newport now have won all 4 of their league matches
Next match, away to Poole in the Elite League.

Newport make it three in a row

On Sunday 26th April Newport travelled to Swindon for their 3rd S&SW league fixture against Swindon and Poole Comets. Newport were without Adam Bennett and Jack Harrold and Poole only fielded 5 riders. It looked like Swindon would have it in the bag but Newport put up a fight with the match coming down to the last race but Newport coming up the victors giving the Newport side their 3rd win.

Next match at home against Horspath in the Elite League at home.

Good Start to the Season

Over the past two weeks Newport have travelled to Horspath and Exeter to start of their title defence in the New look S&SW league.

The first week at Horspath saw them up against Horspath and Poole Comets. Newport made it look like easy work finishing 20 points clear of nearest rivals Poole.

The second week at Exeter saw them up against Exeter and Swindon. This match was a close match but Newport manage to secure a second win 11 points up on Exeter and 19 up on Swindon.

There were fine performances from all riders in both matches.


Exeter vs Newport

Newport (Dig It Landscapes) Cycle Speedway team successfully defended their South and South Wales Division One title, after recording a comfortable 82-95 victory at Exeter.

The home team gave their welsh visitors a difficult first half, with Herbert, Croal and Nethercott to the fore, but Newport had much more strengh down the order. The excellent Devon track was producing good fast racing on a glorious Autumn afternoon. Maximum heat wins from Newport’s Rudman/Sidwick and Carmichael/Rudman pairings stretched their lead to 14 points after 14 heats, and try as they did the aces just could not match Newport’s all round racing strength. The welsh team ran out winners by 13 points to lift the league title once again, a fine achievement considering they suffered from a few rider retirements and also had their minds on Elite League racing.

Aaron Herbert scored a fine maximum and young Rob Croal impressed for the home team, for Newport Shaun Rudman remained unbeaten with both Oli Sidwick and new dad Mark Carmichael dropping just 1 point in a fine team effort.

Exeter 82
Aaron Herbert 20, Sam Riddle 5, Craig Nethercott 15+1, Jack Herbert 5, Rob Croal 17, Will Tidball 8+2, Joe Avery 4, Dan Winchester 8.

Newport 95
Colin Simmons 8+1, Chris Davies 14+1, Nicky Evans13+1, Oli Sidwick 17+2, Mark Carmichael 19, Dan Bock 7+2, Mathew Davis 7+1, Shaun Rudman 10+2.

Newport vs Poole

Newport (dig it landscapes) cycle speedway team are just 1 win away from successfully defending their south and south wales division 1 title after defeating nearest title contenders poole at Newport sports village 90 points to 85.
Both teams were going for it,which resulted in many first bend crashes, all four riders going down in one race.
Poole looked to have the stronger line up and went into an early lead after 6 heats; but the home team recovered to lead at the interval after a maximum heat win from the Chris Davies/Oli Sidwick pairing.
The second half proved disastrous for the Dorset team as they suffered 2 exclusions and lost their discipline which helped Newport to a vital win.
Newport have 2 remaining matches at Exeter and Oxford at home just needing to win one of these matches.

Newport scores.
Nicky Evans 10+1 Kieran Jones 5 Mark Carmichael 17+1 Dan Bock 10+1 Oli Sidwick 14+3 Shaun Rudman 11+3 Chris Davies 16+1 Adam Bennett 7.
Poole Scores
Luke Armes 3, Greg Gluchowski 16, Ben Donahue 11+1 , Arec Szymanski 19 ,
Arron Morgan 8, Aaron Smith 11+1, Dean Hook 13, Will Bristowe 4

Newport vs Southampton

In this early return fixture starting at 12 noon saw Newport Dig It Landscapes take on Southampton at the Village. Reason for the early start as Southampton traveled to the North Star track home of Swindon CSC.

Lining up for the Home Side was
1. Chris Davies, 2 Jacob Soper, 3 Mark Carmichael, 4 Dan Bock, 5 Adam Bennett,    

6 Oli Sidwick, 7 Kevin Greaves, 8 Adam Bozejewicz (Bossy).

1, Hayden Chant 2, Pete Chant 3, Tom Collins 4, Josh Robertson 5, Gavin Wheeler 6, Connor Wilson 7, James Collins 8, Lewis Wilson

Southampton won the toss and elected to take grids 1 & 3 in the opener which saw a gutsy drive by Pete Chant on Jacob Soper only for Pete to take a Tumble which gave Newport there 1st 7-3 of the match with Davies Winning.
Heat 2 Saw Carmichael and Bock vs Collins and Robertson with Newport on the In's with Bock taking grid 1 and Collins on 2 with Carmichael on 3 and Robertson on 4. Carmichael gated round Collins and Bock to take the lead going into the 1st bend while Bock raced away in 2nd while Collins didn't have an answer and settled for 3rd. With Newport recording their 2nd 7-3 of the match.
Heat 3 saw Adam Bennett and Sidwick face a tough race with Gavin Wheeler and Connor Wilson lining up for The Saints and with Wheeler on 1 and Bennett on 2 Wilson on 3 and Sidwick on 4. Wheeler went into the 1st bend out in front with Sidwick coming round Wilson and Bennett into 2nd and hot on Wheeler back wheel but going into the 1st and 2nd bend on the 3rd lap saw Sidwick patience run out and responding with a Dive on Wheeler, with Wheeler only to dish out a leg of his own causing Sidwick to hit the deck and was excluded with the result being Sidwick taking the 4 points and Team Mate Bennett in 2nd and Wilson 3rd this gave Newport a nice 7-2 heat advantage taking the progressive score after 3 heats to Newport 21 Southampton 7. Would Southamptons Luck change in Heat 4 after claiming the Inside grids
This would be NO.
Heat 4 Saw H. Chant on grid 1 and Chris Davies on 2. James Collins on 3 and Kev Greaves talking to the announcer. As Referee Simmons put the racers under starters orders Chant heard Davies whisper in his ear your mine coursing Chant to buckle under pressure and moved at the tape.Bye Bye Chant. The Re-Run saw Newport's Davies take the win and Greaves Settling for 3rd giving Newport another heat Advantage 6-3. taking the score to Newport 27 - Saints 10.
Heat 5.saw for Newport Soper and Bozzy vs Pete Chant and Lewis Wilson. Soper gated round Chant on 1 and Bozzy round off 4 to follow his partner home for yet another 7-3 heat win for the Newport boys. Scores now reacted Newport 34 - Saints 13.
Skipping a few races now.
Heat 8 saw the 1st 5 all drawn heat for Newport was Carmichael and Bock and for the Saints was Father and son duo. With Carmichael taking to win and Bock coming home LAST behide Hayden who was looking after is elders in 2nd. at this point Newport was still out in front with the scores looking like Newport 48 Saints 29.
Heat 9 saw Bennett and Greaves line up against T.Collins and James Collins.The Saints traveling crowd all 6 of them had something to cheer about as the Saints pair recorded there 1st 7-3 heat win J.Collins taking to 4 points and the rest in pretty simple to judge. this result taking the progressive scores to Newport 51 Saints 36. Going into the Half time interval.
Can Southampton Pull back the 15 point deficit in the 2nd half ?
Heat 10 took a huge dent in there effects and the Newport pairing being Sidwick and Bozzy taking a 7-3 heat win against Robertson & Wilson taking Newport's 7-3 heat Advantage tally to 5. Newport 58 Saints 39.
Skipping a few again.
Heat 13 gave Newport a scare as Newport Adam Bennett had to retire from the race and match after technical difficulties with his hearing aid as his happened under starters orders Newport didn't have the option to bring in a replacement which left Sidwick to do all the hard work off 4. but wasn't able the split the father and son partnership and Southampton recorded there 1st 7-2 heat win taking the scores to Newport 69 Saints 57.
With 5 Heats left surely Newport cant throw this lead away.
In Heat 15 saw for Newport Carmichael & Bozzy take a 7-3 heat win against C. Wilson and James Collins taking Newport's 7-3 Heat advantage tally to 6. Scores looking like this
Newport 81 Saints 65
The Next 2 heat saw the point being shared taking the progressives score going into the last heat Newport 91 Saints 75
Heat 18 for Newport was Bozzy in for Carmichael pairing Sidwick against Wheeler and P. Chant which resulted in Bozzy taking the 4 points Wheeler 2nd and Sidwick taking care of Chant in 4th.
Match Finished with Newport 97 Saints 79.
Good Performance by the Newport Boys and a solid match by bozzy on his 1st experience of the Newport Circuit.
Davies 16, Soper 14+2, Carmichael 13 from 4, Bock 11+3, Bennett 9+1 from 3, Sidwick 13+1, Greaves 7 from 4. Bozzy 14+2 from 4.

Southampton vs Newport

Newport [ Dig it Landscapes] Cycle Speedway team are the new South and South Wales Division 1 champions for the first time in their history,
As the new 2014 season fast approaching for the Welsh club.
First stop to defend their league title is a nice 2 1/2 hour drive South to Southampton. After winning the league title last year at the Winchester Road Circuit Newport fancied there chances yet again.
With a team consisting of Oli Sidwick, Mark Carmichael, Shaun Rudman as the back bone of the team with a solid 2nd row consisting of Dan Bock, Adam Bennett, Chris Davies, Colin Simmons and finally our Herefordshire basis Valeter Kevin Grieves Newport looked good.
Southampton who are very well equipped in fielding a strong team with the likes of Tom Collings, Gavin Wheeler, Nathan Harris and the much ever impressing father and son duo Pete and Hayden Chant this trip to the south coast was always going to be a hard day at the office for the dig it boys.
After a solid 1st half Newport raced to a nice 10 point lead at the interval with the tapes catching both sides out early on.
The turning point in favor for the away side was in heat 2 where lining up for the Saints was N. Harris and J.Robertson on the outside grids Vs Rudman and Davies the Newport pair recording a 7-2 heat win after Harris moved at the tapes this gave Newport a health 7 point lead after 2 heats.
After a solid 1st half the league champions were in a comfortable position going into the 2nd half.
With Bock and Simmons both having extra rides in there respective reserves numbers Newport held on to record there first Victory of the campaign
Southampton 83 - Newport 95
With Keys riders missing for the Welsh side N.Evans, M.Davis, A.Hughes with riders also on the injury list, Newport made light work of the task in front of them.
With this win under there belts surely Exeter on home soil next weekend confidants will be running high for this excellent encounter.
Mark Carmichael and new boy Shaun Rudman all recorded maximum scores for the Welsh Side with solid performances from Adam Bennett and Dan Bock
For the Saints,Colling,Wheeler, Harris and P.Chant all scored impressively as expected.
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